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End of Lease

Is your car lease coming to an end?

The trend for leasing cars and vans have grown rapidly in the past few years, especially in the private sector, it has now become very popular to pay a fixed monthly price to drive a new car often for a three year period and then give it back to the lease company, rather than borrowing money to finance a purchase.

Unfortunately a lot of people get caught with large bills for damage repairs which often could have cost significantly less if they had had the vehicle inspected and repaired in advance of the return date.

Why not contact us for a free no obligation inspection? Using the BVRLA’s Fair Wear and Tear Standard as a guide we can advise you of any repairs that may need to be carried out before returning your vehicle back to the lease company, thus avoiding unnecessary lease end costs.

It is best to carry out an inspection about a month before the vehicle is due to be returned to allow enough time to get it booked in for any repairs.

We are currently looking after several local businesses with their fleets as well as individual customers.

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